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Our Mission

At Coral Closets & Home Improvement, Our Mission is Your Satisfation!

Our mission at CCH is to not only plan, design and install your closets and tile, but to ensure we leave our customers feeling they've made a sound purchase decision and are recieving a great value with our products and services. We do our best to ensure every customer is happy with not only our products, but with the entire experience from our initial contact right through service and support of our existing installations and services. After all, we understand it is your home, and expect from ourselves nothing less than we would expect from anyone coming into our homes to perform any type of service. We respect your belongings and your personal time, and try our hardest not to be intrusive on either of them.

...and to back it up, our satisfaction policy....

At CCH, we try our hardest to make sure our customers are satisfied. However, things do happen. Even the best parts and materials can fail prematurely, which is why we offer a full 7 year warranty on any closet installation, covering hardware or materials that fail prematurely outside of normal wear and tear, misuse, any acts of nature, or water damage. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us!